Some people, they can’t just move on, you know, mourn and cry and be done with it. Or at least seem to be. But for me… I don’t know. I didn’t want to fix it, to forget. It wasn’t something that was broken. It’s just…something that happened. And like that hole, I’m just finding ways, every day, of working around it. Respecting and remembering and getting on at the same time.

– Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever (via quoted-books) Via a la belle étoile

That awkward moment when the doctor asks you if you’re sexually active in front of your mom.

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I don’t want to be just another girl that you’ll get tired of after a few months. I want to be the girl who fills your thoughts at 2am when you can’t sleep and the girl who you dream about when you finally go to sleep.

And if I’m not that girl for you, please walk out of my life because I refuse to be forgotten and ignored.

– Midnight Thoughts (I want to be your everything)

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I put my fish in time out because he kept trying to eat my other fish.
I hope that little fucker learned his lesson

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